HomeRun International / HRI Revolution

Step right up and be the next one cheated!

Alan Neil Kippax aka Baron Kippax aka Baron A Neil has cheated many people with his new pyramid scheme, HomeRun International, aka HRI, aka HRI Revolution aka HRI World...

Alan has killed 4 companies so far; defrauding investors, suppliers and distributors.

Does HRI Revolution sound familiar? Alan's BiM (Alan owes distributors $6.56 million from a court judgement) also presented itself as a “Revolutionary Business Opportunity.” - Court Document [10]




Inferior Products: Join HRI - like Alan's previous ventures, BiM (2007-2010) and TTI (2003-2005), get an industrial-grade emerald for the price of a real one!

No Refunds: "BIM distributors were not able to return Perpetual Motion Products when they attempted to do so or obtain a refund for those products." - Court Document [51]

Impossible Math: "On February 6, 2009, CBC Marketplace ... was highly critical of BIM and observed that if each [Board] required eight sales, it would only run for slightly over 20 levels before the entire population of Canada was enrolled. The Marketplace story concluded BIM was a pyramid scheme, and that the Perpetual Motion Products were not worth nearly the price paid." - Court Document [52]

Alan's secret is to talk big, and get people excited thinking he will make them lots of money. So, those who participate usually stay quiet, embarrassed they got cheated. Here are a few courageous souls who no longer support Alan...

  • Joe Little - worked for 4 years; Joe accepted a small part of his pay, and delayed full payment until launch. Launch was September 2019. Joe has yet to see any money.
  • Ed Mercer - supported Alan by funding programming, staff, rent, even maids and groceries. Alan says he, Alan, supported Ed.
  • Oliver Koncz - worked for 4 years, same conditions as Joe. In addition, Oliver loaned over $100,000 to Alan. Alan fired him, saying he owes Oliver nothing.
  • Shaun Khan - worked for 2 years under what can loosely be described as house arrest. Shaun also agreed to accept low wages, pending launch. Alan never paid him.
  • Emmy Pagaduan - bought the 1st Founder's Certificate. Money is gone as Alan has changed the company name.
  • David Martin- invested in 2017 because Alan promised he would make more than double his money in 3 months. David is still waiting for his money.

WARNING: People who continue to promote Alan and his fraudulent pyramid scheme...

  • Wilhelm Wiens
  • Les Klippenstein
  • Patrick Shaw
  • Julia Michail
  • Glenn Clarkin
  • Louis Scuffil
  • Campbell Scott
  • Parvin Patel
  • Edwin Ramos
  • Jong Gravoso
  • Paul Mindra
  • Ashley Cervoni
  • Hilary John

Vaultress Cryptocurrency
- "the same old, same old coin"

Alan Neil Kippax cheated hundreds of so-called friends out of over $300,000 USD. Vaultress is a nothing more than yet another token based on ethereum; no extra coding, no community, no special properties. Alan promised that only Vaultress would be used to pay for HRI products; of course, this was yet another lie. Meaning the people that believed him have lost their investment (while Alan lives it up on the Costa Del Sol, Malaga, Spain).

$6,560,000 Lawsuit - Alan Neil Kippax lost as the Judge completely sided with the Distributors

Affidavits: These people, and 400 others, swore in court that Alan cheated them...

"The affidavits provide a complete picture of the defendants’ business model in general, and the unfortunate consequences for the Class Members." - Court Document [10]

Websites Owned by Alan Neil Kippax


  • 10000plusmonthly.com
  • 1500aday.com
  • 357video.com
  • adifferentmlm.com
  • agoodpick.com
  • atopbiz.com
  • bestmlmintheworld.com
  • bestprogramintheworld.com
  • cnugain.com
  • dumpedtrucking.com
  • earnbeyonddisability.com
  • earnlikeaprothismonth.com
  • earnsbig.com
  • firedtheboss.com
  • fortuneinmotion.com
  • foundfinancialfreedom.com
  • hititbigtime.com
  • homemakersearnbig.com
  • homerunsystem.com
  • homerunwork.com
  • ibelieveitstrue.com
  • icantbelieveitstrue.com
  • icantdosales.com
  • icbit.com
  • ifoundfinancialfreedom.com
  • imnotasalesperson.com
  • isbrokenomore.com
  • isinthemoney.com
  • megabucksweekly.com
  • momsearnfromhome.com
  • myfinancialfuturenow.com
  • myhriworld.com
  • myhomerunbiz.com
  • number1biz.com
  • number1mlm.com
  • opportunityhri.com
  • profitsu.com
  • profitsyou.com
  • redundantproof.com
  • retireesearnbig.com
  • soccermomsearnbig.com
  • studentsearnbig.com
  • stupidmoneyweekly.com
  • thebestprogramintheworld.com
  • thegreatestmlm.com
  • thelatestgreatest.com
  • thenapkinpresentation.com
  • timeleveragesystem.com
  • whaleofabiz.com
  • whaleofaprogram.com
  • yourboardneverstopsmoving.com
  • yourinnovativeedge.com
  • youvegottobekidding.com
  • homerunopportunity.com
  • joinhri.com
  • members.iminhri.com
  • admin.iminhri.com
  • hrisuccess.com
  • homeruninternational.com
  • homerunwallet.com
  • hrisite.net
  • hrisite.com
  • hrimail.com
  • callstome.com
  • firecrackerseo.com
  • gem-cache.com
  • motorvitamin.com
  • motorvitamins.com
  • ultralifeclub.com
  • gem-vault.com
  • globalgemreserve.com
  • naturalcraze.com
  • vaultress.com
  • fabulousfoodclub.com
  • own-a-bank.com
  • virtualworldresidence.com

Alan cannot keep employees: partial list 2017-2018

All employees left under distress and would never work for Alan again!

  • Marvin Cabentoy (sued and won)
  • Arvin Medio
  • Bryan Arandas
  • Jiego Cordoviz
  • Luis Amorsolo
  • Rene Lianda
  • Adriel Guia
  • Adrin Santos
  • Dennis Estadillo
  • Christopher Lapig
  • Mark Mortin
  • Bernadette Santos
  • Jazmine Calma
  • Kristian Claridad
  • Ricky Ignacio
  • Russell Mall
  • Carla Espino
  • Patrick Florentino
  • Dennis Lira
  • Katrina Sese
  • Michael Monteclaro
  • Luis Amorsolo
  • Christian Lapid
  • Jef Pestano
and many more...most last only a few months